35Planning& Collection of Props and costume

The reason of choice for each prop and why it matches with the chosen character:451ee78aa904db4519959bd16497b54f

  • Gun: The gun is supposed to be the prop of the detective and the villain as the detective requires a weapon to fight for justice for the police, the kidnapper in fact has one for crime.
  • Cigarettes: Smoking was a very stereotypical habit in 1940-50 and was represented in Film Noir films as well as in Neo-Film Noir. The detective, his girlfriend and the kidnapper are smokers in our Film Noir opening sequence which gets clearly represented in some scenes to deliver the full 1940-50´s atmosphere.
  • Alcohol/Whiskey: Also a common thing in romantic moment such as wine. Whiskey or other heavier alcoholic drinks are more known to be consumed in fairly more serious moments. E.g. The detective could hold a glass of whiskey in his hand to show that he is worrying, sad or/and angry sitting in his sofa thinking about his kidnapped(possibly dead) girlfriend.
  • Wine: A very romantic indicator as it represents love. In this case we are using this particular prop in the very first scene when the detective and his girlfriend are dancing together to create a positive atmosphere and make as stereotypical as possible according to Film Noir.



Costume design:

We chose this particular costume because the black tie, black blazer, black trouser and white shirt clearly makes the villain look accordingly sinister. It would fit perfectly to our Film Noir opening sequence and would clearly satisfy the wants we want make the viewer to perceive.


The dress of the girlfriend/wife of the detective. The dress needs to be as formal as possible to make wealth and sexuality of her visible as the evening their are dancing should be the very special moment in the detective life which make him thing of year in the flashback when he is sitting in his sofa.


The reason, we chose the beige suit with the hat black/blue tie and the white pale blue shirt is that it matches as a detective at that particular time in the 1940-50s and is perfect to use in our Film Noir genre opening sequence. Despite the limited range of just two colours (black& white) which disables the visibility of all the blueish, beige colours, it will be still brighter and lighter than the villains costume to make the detective seem as a more important character in the opening sequence.




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