29 Planning of Sound Film Noir Opening Sequence



This link is the link of the site of the freeplaymusic, we used as a soundtrack for the romantic scene at the very beginning of the opening sequence when the detective is dancing with his girlfriend. We chose this particular soundtrack because it fits the most and creates the most romantic atmosphere.


We chose the pistol shot because it would create tension and make it more interesting. The transition of the scenes from romantic flash back to the scene where the detective thoughtfully sits on his sofa. The shot makes the viewer understand the opening sequence and makes them understand the main content more.



A few seconds after the frame turns black the detective on the sofa appears, that is the moment when the music starts playing. We chose this particular song because it fits into this scene and creates a mysterious, vintage, dramatic as well as as impulsively interesting atmosphere.


The natural/organic soundtrack in the back round which plays in the same time as the jazz music plays purpose is to create an even more mysterious mood as it simulates the outside natural sound to make it more realistic an according to the location in this case on the streets.



This is the soundtrack playing at the very last scenes, the very end of the film noir opening sequence. This particular soundtrack fits perfectly to the scene with the villain waiting for the detective to come for him in his cellar. The reason for this choice is because the sound of it is very calm and mysterious as well.





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