26Investigation of Film Noir Narrative Theories

  1. Equalibrium: Tends to be the introduction (opening) of the film at the very beginnig, usually to express happiness and positive circumstances. In Film Noir- A romantic scene.
  2. The Disruption: The moment of a film where a problem starts to build up which turns a positive into a negative.-A villian kidnapping a women (girl friend/wife of main character)
  3. Repair: An attemt to repair the damage of the disruption.
  4. Realisation(recognition): The point when The main character detects the problem a figurs out how to solve and what solution to find to this problem. Can cause e.g. negative emotions of both kidnapped girl and main character.
  5. Restored Order(restoration): New equilibrium. The moment when the solution to the problem starts to work an restore the negative. E.g. Found out where the kidnapper lives to get her girl friend back.
  6. Equalibrium repeats: The moment where happy as well as positive atmosphere is created again and turned back into a neutral circumstances as in the beginnig.todorovs-narrative-theory-1-728.jpg

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