25Storyline of Film


Story line-Instruction

  1. An ash tray will be the first object seen in the first shot from a close distance.
  2. The cigarette gets put off and pressed into the ash tray so smoke can be seen.
  3. As soon as the cigarette gets in contact with the ash tray the name of the film appears at the right bottom corner in the frame.
  4. Woman walks slowly with a glass of wine towards the detective.
  5. A slow and romantic jazz music provides the expression of a romanic atmosphere as the detective and the woman are dancing and hugging each other.
  6. After this positive and bright moment in this scene, all disappears and turns to a pitch black background with the music fading out.
  7. In the next scene, the music disappears completely and the first object which will be immediately seen is a glass of whiskey which is going to be held by the detective who is thoughfully sitting in his couch.
  8. The detective sits on the couch for a moment and then reaches his hand out to grab the newspapers/magazine with his girlfriend on the cover which headline says “Tragedy”.
  9. After the detective got up he slowly grabs his hat and opens the door to leave.
  10. Once he got outside on the streets, he walks off down a minimally inclined hill which is taken as an extreme-long shot.
  11. At the horizon of the hill a cigarette can be seen on the ground from a very close distance with the detective walking further and further away in the background to create a slight mysterious atmosphere.
  12. In the next scene a pitch- black dark room with a the villain (kidnapped detectives girlfriend) standing in mellow light in front of a table with a gun, pack of cigarettes and newspaper articles about his criminal records.
  13. In the same time the detective has found his location and is standing not far away behind him with the detective shadow falling onto furthest wall.
  14. Thats the moment when the kidnapper hears him and realizes that someone is in the room.
  15. The villains reaction to this situation was quite scared but expected.


The colour of our film is going to be black and white.

We are going to film a part of the film by using the 3 point lighing technique which will be indoors only.

The lighting in some scenes like e.g. when the detective meet the girl for the first time, is going to be lighter. Romance and some crime scenes will be darker and more low key to express a mystirial atmosphere.

Low key scenes are going to happen indoors only as the surrounding light will fill in the shadows.


The film will be filmed in typical alley where the lighting can be set up as easy as possible but still express a film noir atmosphere of romance and crime.

Opening sequence of the film

The opening sequence should be filmed/edited with short scenes as film noir openings usually don´t consist of dynamic scenes. We want to create a romantic opening scene to produce and express a film noir atmosphere.


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