21 Film Noir Broadcast


Miramax (formerly Miramax Films) is an American entertainment company known for distributing indepentent and foreign films headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Founded in 1979 by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, Miramax was a leading independent film motion picture distribution and production company before it was acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 1993, shortly thereafter Pulp Fiction was released.The Weinsteins operated Miramax with more creative and financial independence than any other division of Disney, until 2005 when they decided to leave the company and founded The Weinstein Company. Miramax was sold by Disney to Filmyard Holdings, a joint venture of Colony Capital, Tutor- SalibaCorporation, and Qatar Investment Authority, in 2010, ending Disney’s 17-year involvement with the studio.

The film company which had filming experience in the past is MIRAMAX-Films which produced the Neo-Noir Film ‘SIN CITY’. The production company MIRAMAX produces the fims and the animation part mainly in the Universal studios.

MIRAMAX distributes its produced films to cinemas such as VUE which is a british cinema company, by selling them. Also the films get sold to online internet websites such as Netflix or Maxdome as well as the standard comsumtion way by simply selling the films as DVD´s.



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