20 Pearl and Dean- Categorising Audience


GAP- General Audience Profile

The graph represents the two main proportion of demographics by calculating a specific amount of the population who are categorised and match to either C2DE or ABC1 as female or male consumers of media in general.

Social Grade- Social Status- Occupation

A- Upper middle class – higher managerial, administrative or professional.

B- Middle class-  intermediate managerial, administrative or professional.

C1- Lower middle class- supervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professional.

C2- Skilled working class- Skilled manual workers.

D- Working class- Semi and unskilled manual workers.

E- Thouse at lowest level of subsistence- State pensioners or widows (no other earner), casual or lowest grade workers.

The social grade definitions by the (NRS) National Readership Survey are widely used as a generic reference series for classifying and describing social classes, especially for consumer targeting and consumer market research by the advertising UK media and publishing sectors.

Film Noir would match to people, categorised as E because its mainly older people on pensions which have not as an active life therefore their are more likely to watch and for longer time. Casual or lowest grade worker also categorised as E, may have shorter but tuff physical working hours and therefore will rest for longer after work which is likely that the TV could be the best option to relax. Peope with an active life-style are less likely to spend time with TV as well as genres such as Film Noir. People who don´t even go to work in fact still joining school are also the group of audience, Film Noir or any TV drama up to various types of genre would focus on. People, aged 16-20 for teenagers and 55+ for retiring people would be the range of age watching TV most active.



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