19 Perfect Audience Member- Film Noir

I am focusing on people who are teen age as the Film Noir genre was really common back then in the 1950s and therefore people who where living at time of period are more likely to watch Film Noir and still have an interest in it. Also elderly people from that time of period are more likely to know itfedora_borsalino_chapeu_modelo.jpg therefore might watch Film Noir to remember and get the atmosphere of the past.

The fashion, my perfect audience member having an interest in Film Noir, would wear old fashion and smart clothing from the 50s such as a blazer, white shirt, a tie or a bow tie , a hat and smart black trousers.


The food my perfect audience member would consume or are common to digest in any form would be black coffee and croissant, as in the film noir they mainly eat that, if its shown as a scene. The drinking coffee scene in a Film Noir scene represent silence and peace to show that e.g. a detective who might be in a Café is thinking carefully about a situation or a problem how to solve it. Also detectives in Film Noir are known as smoking a tobacco pipe and he villian normal cigarettes.

The music in Film Noir is mainly based on smooth jazz. The audience is likely listening to musician such as Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong who were the most famous music related peole  at that time.f5f7fa1767e2fd7554dc8b543d04e7c1.jpg


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