18 Audience Research

One of the opening which tend to be the most attracting are e.g.

‘the Good the Bad and the Ugly’,

‘Django Unchained’

‘Back to the Future(1)’

At the very beginning during the opening a viewer begins to decide whether or not the movie will be good. Things the viewer won´t like, will make him directly change the movie to another. Therefore the opening of a film is one of the most important things of a film which needs to attract a viewers attention right at the beginning to make him to watch the film.

Facts which attract viewers:

In the opening scene at the beginnig of a film, the music, colour, lighting and mainly performance are the key things which affect the attention of the audience. For example in the opening scene of Django, the music has been chosen as it matches to the old western theme and South American canyon/desert fill. The music for example can tell what, where, when the movie is taking place. These will be the indicators that the movie might be a Western. People with interests, especially in Western movies may detect these facts which will wake their interests right away and make them keep on watching. Also the music, colours and lighting need to be well made and need to match to each other to make sense and express the actual meaning the producers want to express.


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