15 Film opening+ 9 key shots of Sin City

The main shots are:

  • Medium close shots- Usually not important characters in the frame.
  • Close shot- Expressing a serious mood and the reaction of the character.
  • Close up- Also meant to show the reaction of the character but with an even more intense facial expression.
  • Eye level- To show change in facial expression.
  • Low angle(mainly)- Represents the domination and importance of characters.
  • Worms eye shot- Similar to low angle shot.
  •  Longshot- medium longshot- Usually used to show a film scene in action.

The several shots filmed, have a strict rule of using each of these shots to make the viewer see the differences between those and in what way they differ to each other in terms of shots and action taking place. The sin city filming technique in terms of using the shots to express different emotions and mood is very inspiring as I can learn from it and use it in the film my group will make as it will help us to make our film similar to an actual professional film noir.


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