14 Opening sequence 007 Skyfall

Cinematography (lighting&colour): The scenes with James Bond on it where action is taking place the there is just at the border of low-key lighting on some parts like the main character(James Bond) and the women which creates contrast and makes border between objects and the subject visible. The lighting used at the action scene is warm as natural sun light is the main source, this creates a lot of different colours. The lighting of the scenes where‘M‘ appears are very light and less contrast is produced is produced by that as all the shadows get filled with light. The bright lighting used also reduces the range as well as the variaty of colours. The limited amount of colours wakes minimal emotions and therefore represents a serious atmosphere.


The opening scene mainly consists of digetic sounds but non-digetic sounds are involved as well such as music effects which build up tension and plays accordingly to the change of action within the scenes. A dialoge between various people is the case although they are very short and don´t tell the audience the point of what happens in words. Other sound which create tension are gun shots and car crashs.

Mise en scene: The facial expression of all the characters are serious and show very view emotions apart of the character that is escaping from James Bond which shows confusion and fear. The body language of James Bond especially is very self confindent and doesn´t show  a single hunch of fear. The stunts and action scenes in the opening are that a car crahes and that james bond shoots at the escaper. As 007 chases him on a motorbike across roofs of several buildings and all part where it is unlikely to ride a bike, it creates pressure and and action which makes it very interesting as it is dangerous and unusual.

The costume design of all characters wheter involved or not involved in the action scenes whoever plays a role in the movie, are smart dressed which means that all of them are faily wealthy and higher class. Blazer and black trousers is the main clothing for each person involved in the scene.

The characters are mainly filmed in close-ups and with a lot of movement of the camera to build up confusion and stress for the viewers.

There was an extreme longshot recording James Bond and the escaper driving the motorbike on the roof to show where they are located exactly.

The opening scene was filmed in a market in town or city which houses are located very dens to each other, that might be an indicator of that the country they are located in isn´t wealthy.

The props are the guns they are shooting each person is shooting with e.g. 007 uses the pistol as he need something portable as he runs and jumps. His female(partner) operates a machine gun with a scope as she need to shoot the villian from a long distance. The villian, as James Bond, has got a portable pistol too.

Editing: The opening scene consisted of short scenes to show every action happening to build up action and make it more dynamic.


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