6 Light

Key: One of the most important lights. This highlights the main object. It´s usually included within a 3-point setup.

Fill: Also used in 3-point lighting setup and its purpose is to lessen contrast& shadows around the subject by being placed at a different angle to the main key light. It´s softer than the key light.

Standard 3-Point lighting:

Backlight: Creates a seperation of the character and the objects around or the backround. The lights is placed behind the subject.

High Key: Reduces the amount of contrast because it´s such strong lighting. Creates a happy, joyful impression in the picture or film.

Rim: This is similar to the back light, however is´s placed directly behind the subject and is quite strong.

Chiarosuro: Means there is a high contrast between light& dark in the picture. It´s used to create depth and volume.


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