This is a video, explaining the representation of particular social groups that would be attracted by the film noir we product. By satisfying the wants of particular social groups, we listed several aspects that do accordingly in this video.



40 Second Edit of the Opening Sequence- Film Noir “GONE”


  • Shot- scene 1: Was taken the first time and had a very dark- too dark(low-key) expression on the first edit, therefore we decided to change the brightness to a brighter pitch in order to recognise more of what is in the scene.
  • Shot- scene 2: However, the change in brightness of the same shot still didn´t satisfy our want as it was still to dark and the villain was not scene in this particular scene.
  • Shot- scene 3: This made us change the entire scene in order to improve in quality of the resolution, composition, Mise-en-Scéne, make it brighter and more recognisable. We changed the entire composition and added the smoke getting blown out of the detectives mouth which can be seen in the falling shadow on the left hand sided wall. The choice reshooting the scene made the full mysterious Film Noir atmosphere possible.


This is MEM final edit with a very small amount of changes being made to finish to how we wanted it to be. I.e. we have reduced the soundtrack volume, added more titles in some scenes, changed the scene to a brighter scene so more objects such as the gun and cigarettes can be recognise. The photos above are another example of Shamil sitting in the chair in the cellar in the dark. In the first edited scene, the viewer could barely recognise what objects is supposed to be expressed in that seen. Despite, the purpose of the scene to be sinister and scary, the contrast between Shamil sitting on the chair and the background had to be done more intense by re-filming the scene and by making the room slightly brighter.

40 First Edit of the Opening Sequence- Film Noir “GONE GIRL”


This the first edit, MEM Production has made to show the overall idea of the opening sequence of our film. There are few things we are going to change in the editing of some scenes as it basically going to be almost identical to this edit. All the acting of the students we picked was as good as we expected and are just a perfect choice for the Film Noir opening sequence we made.